You got to make a choice. Either you are going to give it all up and get out of The Matrix or you will always be its slave.



Ego, Entity &Identity

You got to make a choice. Either you are going to give it all up and get out of The Matrix or you will always be its slave.


and you said that there was a entity attached to us, and in the enlightenment process you are clearing this entity from the individual. well, first it got me thinking if you were just talking about the ego, but I've reconsidered.

It probably is what is referred to as the ego. I almost never use the term "ego". I prefer the term "false identity".

Few seekers use these terms with precision though some past teachers have demonstrated clear experiential understandings but they have not told the whole story - there was little point at that time. If the students do not develop their experiential understanding then the teacher probably will not extend his description, because they have no foundation for further awareness.

Now days, the time left for mankind is short, so much more information about the Enlightenment Teaching Process is being made public. If one student comes forward who can understand then the transcript of a dialogue between that student and the teacher can be published and read by anyone.

One person may understand such a transcript and many will be confused. Since the world of humans will end soon it is important to get this information out and save whoever can be saved.

Some people say that the "ego" does not exist. To prove their point they use an intellectual "sleight of hand" that inhibits honest investigation.

This is a typical characteristic of the Mind, and it is exemplified by those who are unbalanced - because they are but not intuitive.

The 100% intellectual is so much a slave of the Mind that he cannot feel the world and is afraid to go outside of the "Known Zone". He therefore unconsciously declares war on new things. This problem has been noted by philosophers of science, most notably by Thomas Kuhn in his ground-breaking work on paradigm-shifts.

The worst outcome of a paradigm-wars is a real military war. But even though we are not personally being shot at with bullets, just with the occasional jumbo jet plane, we are all in a war zone that is being fought on our street everyday for hearts and minds and not only wallets and mobile-phones.

when i first started reiki i was told that my crown chakra would be wide open, bright and shiny. and that things would be attracted to that. going through the reiki attunements has been a tremendous change in me.

Yes, this is a symptom of modern teaching practises. As I said above, there is a rush to get the knowledge out. Powerful knowledge comes in the form of energy-transmissions, and yes, you have to be adjusted/attuned/opened up to receive that. Unfortunately, because there it is often a rush job, there are no Energy Filters installed. This would not pass testing by the Dept of Psychic Health and Safety!

I suspect, and it's not good news, that there is more that you could have known about what would happen when you were opened up. Problem is, that it takes time to understand that. How many hours of preparation were given you before Attunement? Not many, probably. Now you are at the mercy of the Universe, unless your teacher elects to protect you 24-7, and the Universe is a hostile place especially for little humans who don't know what to do with their new psychic jet pack! (Did you ever watch the Wonderful World of Disney nature programmes? Or read Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons?)

there were many times when i was very scared, feeling my energy body, and the differences in energy around me. there were a couple times when it felt like a being made of pure energy, enormously huge, was coming to me for some reason.

It's like hanging out on Times Square, in New York, for the first time in your life in a little pink tutu dress or Prom Night tuxedo. You'll meet all kinds of people and they won't be who they say they are. The beggars might be honourable than the preachers!

once it felt like my whole body was one big electrical bolt. it only lasted for less then a minute, but i couldn't move my physical body, and the charge running through me was beyond description. i took it as kundalini awakening.


The real issue is how you open to and absorb it. All of these energies blasts count for little, or can even blow a hole in your circuitry, if you aren't prepared to safely absorb or re-direct them.

well, it's been 2 years since then. the changes have become much more subtle. in fact it's weird, cause it seems like i was doing so well, then before i knew it, things seem to be back to the way they were. to put it bluntly, i do things that I'm not proud of and I'm confused about it, and i think that it isn't the real me, and i feel torn up.

You had an erroneous assumption, a false hope in linear progression. That's understandable, but it's time to get realistic if you want to make real progress.

I'm not gay, i could probably accept that, there's other things that i don't feel comfortable saying in an e-mail, and i don't think what it is i do needs mention. but, the thing is I've been hearing from day one to put up protection around me.

Hey, I could always tell something was going on with you. You got to make a choice. Either you are going to give it all up and get out of The Matrix or you will always be its slave.

But who understands what protection is? And anyway too much protection means that you never learn. The Buddha threw off daddy's protection and encountered the world head-on.

and over time i came to believe that all is god and that means that the attachments, demons, entities, devil, people, plants, animals, were all just an extension of me. because i, and everything seen and unseen is god.

Well, at Beyond-Top-Level that's true but you are here too, right? In fact you are more here than there - if you know what I mean?

on the other hand the illusion of separateness still fools me most of the time.

Then you have never been totally free otherwise there would no getting fooled

and i find my self struggling to justify things i do that i feel guilty about. and i want to blame it on something outside myself. but it goes against what i believe, because there is nothing outside myself.

Yes, you should take responsibility, but there is something inside you that has taken control of your body and mind. But you can't blame it. Some people call it "ego" but blaming it won't make it better.

i sure hope you understand what I'm trying to say. and i would be so happy if you could let me know what you think. i hope you can help me.

Well, I've said what I have said, and even if the words are insightful, they still aren't going to get you to the other side without the squid-like entity inside you getting "cooked".

When you want to prepare for that day then let me know


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