How to drop something transitory? Try to drop it before it goes? Don't bother! Relax. it's gone already. Without resistance you wouldn't be here? Find out. Now. Accept it all because it happens the way it's going to happen? Yes.

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How to drop something transitory?

Are you going to try a drop it *before* it goes? Don't bother!

[Questioner] Thank you for the reply! There is nothing to drop? Could you explain a bit please what you mean by this? Thoughts, desires, and experiences appear everyday in my perception, and I respond or chew on some of them.

[Oshana] How are you going to drop something that is transitory anyway? You have a passing thought or a fleeting desire now, yes?

[Oshana] Ok, so soon it is gone. Yes?

[Oshana] Are you going to try a drop it before it goes? Don't bother!

[Oshana] Relax. Have a hot drink. There's it's gone already.

[Questioner] I read some previous messages yesterday between yourself and Shelly that were helpful. You were backing Shelly into the corner concerning resistance. You wanted him to look at it if you remember? Anyway, Shelly looks at resistance and says something along the lines that without the resistance Shelly wouldn't be here. It seems similar to say without the little daily dramas or stories, Ben wouldn't be there either. To be honest, I am not sure what I mean when I say I wouldn't be here.

[Oshana] Please find out. Now. I promise you it will be even better for you in this Life and the Next.

[Questioner] When you say the "The Last Spontaneous Step is Accepting it All..." is this saying I am through with all my efforts and trying so I accept it all because it happens the way it is going to happen anyway? Words really aren't adequate here are they?

[Oshana] Yes, and more some. The more is that Being is Ok what ever stunts the Mind is trying to pull...and remember you can't really pull rabbits from hats in real Life even if your Mind believes you can!

[Questioner] I live just north of Nashville, so I would love to hear of your visit to Nashville. I do not know anyone in Nashville interested in Advaita. I am sure there are plenty of folks.

[Oshana] When I know that there are such people then I will come there. Maybe you will hear from them now...

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