Specificity is not essential to attain Liberation but only to give a good schpiel afterwards.

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Your answers have to come from the direct perception

[Oshana] Dear Shelly,

[Shelly] In message 52, you ask, could we have a net dialogue about this question of resistance, or a net chat?

Well I'm not sure a net chat would be a good idea, since I type with one finger, but I think a dialogue would be fine.

You ask- 'what' is resisting 'what'? I would say- basically, illusion is resisting truth, or fear is resisting the death of misidentification, or darkness is resisting light, or phenomenon is resisting noumenon, or conditioning is resisting freedom. Different words= same meaning.

[Oshana] Your answers have to come from the direct perception of what is happening now. Is 'resistance' an interpretation or your experience right now?

[Shelly] Years ago there was a country music song that said " everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die". Of course we are not overlooking the fact that from the point of view of truth, this is total B.S.

It's not BS. It's true! I am born-again, halleluyah! :-)

There is no POV of truth. So where does that leave you now?

[Shelly]Let me give you a little parable that I told to Gangaji a couple of years ago(she liked it very much).-- A man was hiking up a very steep mountain. He was getting weary and tripped over a log and fell off a precipice. It was a very long way down but he grabbed onto a tree that was growing out of a rock. While holding on for his life he yelled out "is anyone up there". A voice answered "this is GOD, let go the branch,I will take care of everything". The man took pause and then yelled- IS ANYONE ELSE UP THERE?

[Oshana] Sounds Talmudic to me. Bet Eli, her husband, would have laughed too. It's good to entertain teachers! :-)

[Shelly] From the personal point of view- in the movie-so to speak, I have let go of the branch, but some force SEEMS to be preventing the free fall.

[Oshana] From a fatalistic Balsakarian Advaitic POV that might logically seem to be the case. But how can you show that you have fully let go?

[Shelly] Aside from what I've already said, I don't know how to be more specific. Life has many mysteries and things unfold as they unfold. Impatience is only a hindrance. So what do you think?

[Oshana] Specificity is not essential to attain Liberation but only to give a good schpiel afterwards. Consequently, many Advaitniks, myself included allow their conceptualising mechanisms to get clogged up. We will get more specific - *we* have to because it would be unprecedented, a breaking of tradition, for me to bestow Grace through a look via WebCam.

[Shelly] Much Love-Namaste- and Shanti Shanti Shanti. Shelly.

[Oshana] Verily Shanti to the Max &Warp Factor Infinity, Love Oshana

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