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Sartorial Satsang Style - Clown's Outfit

[Oshana] Dear Dr. Judy,

I glad you are enjoying this silly busy-ness.

Maybe the face of Satsang will change!

Now, instead of just going up and sitting next to the Teachers and having serious conversation, you can go and have a silly one! Maybe even wear a clown's outfit, or a nurse's or a gorilla's - whatever you like.

Of course, serious people with serious questions are still welcome. There is no discrimination, we even have let in dogs, because Japanese Zen monks have still not solved the koan "Has a dog got Buddha Nature?" - so until then all are welcome!

love Oshana

PS Thanks to Serenius, Chris R, Pou et al autres who have replied recently - we can't print everything but keep sending.

[Judy] Hello, silly new friends! I just joined this loop last night and am DELIGHTED with the tone of this first digest. I, too, still suffer often from the illusion of separateness, but the awareness of the true state of affairs is ever-growing and comes more and more often and I rejoice in it..... I am SO pleased to have discovered a place wherein I can be SILLY myself sometimes. No time for it now, but more anon. Love and hugs, Judy

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