My observation is that everything passes quickly that isn't held but I had many bubble bursting experiences

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The Bubbles Burst

[Questioner] Sadness: I am sad, since I am a child...doesn't mean that I run around and cry, but someone asked me about I remembered that I am sad. Do you know what I mean? Just a deep sadness almost like soul pain, a burden...

[Oshana] Yes, it often starts in childhood after the conditioning procedure and before the tenderising process...

[Questioner] I used to view w/shops as places where people went to burst that sadness bubble from time to time. This would sorta fit with Wilhelm Reich's theory too.Yer, I know what ya mean. But I don't suffer from it anymore because I don't a have a judgment on it. My observation is that everything passes quickly that sn't held - yay bodywork! ya, makes sense but I had many bubble bursting experiences and still...

[Oshana] Common enough first I assumed that was all that people around Papaji had - passing freedom

Burden. I think that is where your mission's instructions sent me that photo - you are to work with The (chosen) One. Exactly, I do have a mission...but don't know which one, when and what.

Exactly, I do have a mission...but don't know which one, when and what.

[Questioner] I am extremely lucky because for the first time in my life I know what I want to do and it's coming from somewhere inside me rather than someone else. I'd like you also to connect up to that sense of mission because until it happens you can't really be sure that you have's about capturing that sense of having it...and I'm being distracted...I feel people find when they are given space to grow and that's what I encourage with my being

[Questioner] How far have you got with your favourite life-time question: How should I live (and what should I eat)?

[Questioner] Life: I just live now it's not so much of a question, it's just happening. Sometimes I think I will marry and get kids that's it but even so what different does it make? My mission would be always there.

[Oshana]Yeah, I know these monks are the most horrible...but you know if you take celibacy serious you don't indulge in any of this, no fantasies etc.Otherwise why should one be celibate then....

[Questioner] yeah, I think so too. but it is a great experience to know that one can be free of it, totally. then you can choose...that's freedom at least sexual freedom.

[Oshana] Either you are free of it or you are not ..anyway I thought woman didn't have such issue they just want intimacy, right?

[Oshana] You won't find me complaining about needing food...I'm no wanna-be jasmuheen

[Questioner] I don't care what you ate last night, dammed!

[Oshana] But it was great!

[Questioner] How true that is - in theory. But to be seriously opposed to the body's natural inclination is just making war...

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