Techniques won't produce enlightenment. Being doesn't do anything.Be in Being. There is no-thing to do. There is no method here. World constantly cuts down assumptions. That's Life!

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Don't Do It!

[Oshana] Has it really got complicated or are you just having fun? Maybe I should deny everything?

[Questioner] Techniques can be great for working on the mental, emotional and physical bodies. But they won't produce enlightenment.

You refer to enlightenment. You refer to it as a condition. Since it is a condition then surely it can be reached by a technique.

[Oshana] The condition of what? Do you mean like a skin condition?

[Questioner] You would say now that enlightenment is not a condition. But the body IS a condition, and anything it is doing or assuming can be not-done, so as to negate its own assumptions and arrive nowhere.

[Oshana] Are you talking about a reversal? Are you saying the body gets IT?

[Questioner] So where there is a technique of defining the universe already present in an individual, can this stressful, compulsive technique find its own undoing, find its own death? And is this process of undoing existing techniques not in itself a technique? Can not-doing be practiced?

[Oshana] Not necessary and misleading. You are trying to do something, in quite a subtle and sophisticated way, I might add.

Being doesn't do anything. Be in Being and there is no-thing to do. You can't get there by reversing bodily functions...yuk! Phew!

[Questioner] Not-doing is always happening anyway in this process.

[Oshana] Ok, It just IS.

[Questioner] Just look at how the history of enlightenment always avoids pinning itself down. It is constantly not-doing and therefore reaches into the depths of creativity.

[Oshana] You mean the Teaching avoids? You mean you are being creative?

[Questioner] It refuses to be Indian or even sacred these days. It refuses to be special. It refuses definition.

[Oshana] Ok, it appears to refuse.

[Questioner] I suggest that anyone can mimic this universal process in the micro-universe of their total body and disallow themselves to be defined by themselves. Instead they can choose to let the mystery of beingness define them, and find in so doing that being mystery is the most fun in the whole wide world.

[Oshana] yes. No to mimicking and yes to mystery.

[Questioner] I have to not-do your approach to enlightenment, something in me has to do that and it is not merely resistance. I have to cut your method down just to see if it needs to survive, because if it needs to survive, why? and who is sustaining it? Who is there to claim that method in the face of it all?

[Oshana] There is no method here, but - sure - cut what you think it is.

[Questioner] And I hope too that someone else will cut my approach down, constantly, until it doesnt NEED to be there, until all I am doing is only for the heaven of it.

[Questioner] I find I am lucky and that the world constantly cuts down my assumptions. Its just cutting, cutting cutting..... endlessly....

[Oshana] Yay! That's Life!

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]