Many people want to be around this teaching. Some are ready for Enlightenment, some are not. So there will be three schools on offer: Awakening, Lifestyle &Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Now


Three Schools: Awakening, Lifestyle &Enlightenment

Many people want be part of the activities happening around this Teaching.

So, they feel that they have to say that they want Enlightenment, and that are prepared to give everything to get it. In reality, they are not ready or committed.

So, I will be offering 3 Schools. and now students can decide their level of involvement, commitment and learning.

Three Schools: Awakening, Lifestyle & Enlightenment

School of Awakening:

Students get to experience how easy it is to have blissful no-mind awakenings through Dialogue. They will know that there is life beyond the mind and will now search for the permanent state and source of all bliss: Enlightenment.

School of Lifestyle:

Students will learn how to clear blockages, harmonise with material and invisible energies, manifest their life mission, come from the heart with compassion, dissolves distractions and function with vitality.

School of Enlightenment:

Students are prepared dissolve the false identity and all it's inner attachments in order to be permanently discover The Source of All Creation: Consciousness. This requires great commitment, courage and self-less-ness.

Love Oshana

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