Enlightenment, whatever the cost, at any time - possible to awaken fully and permanently in the first meeting - if you want to enlighten enough, and are prepared to let go of everything. As Dido sings: Oh I am what I am, I'll do what I want but I can't hide
Enlightenment Now


Meetings: What Will Happen?

Oshana explains to a questioner what will happen in the various types of meetings.

Introductions, Intensives &One-to-one Meetings

The structure is organic. There is no set piece nor lecture.

There is only one agenda - awakening by any means possible (Malcolm X is on standby to help out!!)

Questions are invited. The meeting is about you. Your search, needs &desires. You have been seeking a long time and the aim is to bring that search to a swift and satisfactory end. You have to be ready &willing for that part.

Enlightenment isn't what you expect or fear. It's much better. But no-one gets into the world of No-Form if they bring any residue of Thing-ness. Leave your mind, shoes, keys, phone book, beliefs, fears, desires, prejudices at the door.

Are you prepared to do that?

Because the aim is enlightenment, whatever the cost, at any time - it is possible to awaken fully and permanently in the first moment of the first meeting - if you want to enlighten enough, and are prepared to let go of everything. Every moment is an opportunity and you cannot rest or hide even for a moment.

As Dido sings:

"Oh I am what I am, I'll do what I want but I can't hide
I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breathe
until you're resting here with me
I won't leave, I can't hide, I cannot be,
until you're resting here with me."

As a teacher I am always looking for that opportunity and as a seeker you must also be ready to grab that moment.

You don't really want to continue seeking forever do you?

Introduction meeting

However, if you want to hide then you can certainly do that in the Introduction meeting. There will be a brief introduction/explanation, and then questions will be invited. They should come from openness, honesty and vulnerability. We are aiming to really meet each other - not hide. I will reveal everything that I can about enlightenment if you expose everything that drives you to seek it. Bring it to the surface.

The Intensive

The Intensive is an opportunity for serious seekers to go deeper and lasts one or more full days. At the moment, you get to go home to your bed, in the future you may never return to your physical 'home' until you get IT and find your eternal Home and then you will never return as the same person.

On an Intensive each participant will get more time to dialogue. I call these dialogues "Interactive Dialogues" because they involve all parts of you. Your yearning for enlightenment is brought out of every pore. Now, you can sit at the back, but sooner or later it's going to feel odd and I am going to ask you what you are doing, and what you gain by hiding. Enlightenment is not entertainment, not a light and sound show, but the Greatest Show on Earth because it is the only one that has an End. It's a Total Non-Show!

If you don't have questions, words, English, or a tongue then I will be understanding, but sooner or later I am still going to want to know what is happening with you - that's my role in life and by entering the Intensive you are making a statement of intent. Still, there will be bold seekers there and they will undoubtedly take my attention - but I will notice you.

I don't want you to be put off. You don't have to speak, but you should for your sake. Interaction is far more powerful than passive observation, and it is a sign of willingness. I am waiting for your go-ahead signal and the right moment.


In a one-to-one. It's your time. All attention, focus, sayings are on you, about you. There is nowhere to run or hide. There can be no distractions. The aim is to finish the search Now!

If you ask with honesty, then there is no such thing as a dumb question.

You are seeking, right? Maybe a bit confused? Then offer that up. Whatever you offer can be taken away if it serves getting enlightened.

Since you ask I won't tell you that "Padma is already awake". Consciousness is awake but that Consciousness is not apparent to you.

love Oshana

I also wanted to know, as what is expected of a person, who will be attending your retreat..questions? a topic discussion? and the like..? If so, what happens to the one, who is dumb in asking/involving in questions[Such as me...], and most probably will sit simply..listening..

Any idea, what chances do I have waking up in your presence..?!!! Silly question, isn't it? Tell me anything, other than 'You are already awakened, but you do not know"..!!




How can I meet Spiritual Teacher Oshana and get Enlightenment-Now?

The first thing you should do is email us as soon as possible and let us know that you are interested in finding out more. Also read our Frequently Asked Questions Page

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