you will see clearly that it is NOT my work, but Consciousness expressing itself.

Enlightenment Now


An Actual Case of Awakening

[Oshana] I have included here, with permission, an email conversation with someone who was rapidly catapulted into realisation, after our first meeting. The change, when she returned two days later, was unmistakable in both the content of her speech and her appearance.

We have enjoyed an invisible connection that is conveyed by dreams, and synchronicities that have happen over long distances. This also involves a third person, who I have never met, but who knew generally what had occurred. We spoke on the phone for 10 mins about nothing in particular and consequently her life also dramatically changed both internally and externally.

I do not know what has happened. It has surprised me, especially the fact that she can discern things that happen around me without being present.

Perhaps, this email conversation started when I wrote a general piece when one of the Oshana participants asked if she and I were friends. There are no friends, only lovers - would be a poetic response. Less romantically, we can say that destiny throws us together.

Enjoy this piece. It is a rare insight into how Enlightenment and Teaching happens

[Oshana] Dear Priya xxx,

[Student] I am finding that if I let the attention go towards you, then I lose the sense of settling and dissolving that is happening inside.

[Oshana] That's because it hasn't really gone to me but an image of me...

[Student] It feels like trying to create a drama that isn't real.

[Oshana] Very true

[Student] I wish to stay with IT, so I won't be in contact unless it feels appropriate - I know you know this anyway - just affirming it for myself.

[Oshana]When IT is there, then nothing can touch IT. You are making some time for yourself because you did not before. You are showing yourself that you can.

[Student] I can't live from any other place any more! It doesn't work and it's glaringly obvious that I am not seeking and I can't even pretend to. It's a lie! I am surprised to find it still so obvious and yet not controlling me.

.[Oshana] Some places feel more right than others, and that is why one gravitates towards certain people. They are appropriate. Yet still nothing can touch IT.

[Student] I may be part of your work, I don't know yet. Maybe you do.

[Oshana] You will be part of the work. You are expressing choicelessness even now. But you will see clearly that it is NOT my work, but Consciousness expressing itself.

When you have a rest from what you think this is then you will find that IT draws you to IT. You may then express it alone. I have always supported that but never pressured you to do it. Now it is apparent that something new will happen. You will express more. You know that. But it is often never clear how that will happen. The chances are we will talk and share our experiences of teaching and how this manifests itself.

I wrote you an (unsent) email about you and teaching about 5 days ago. I'll dig it out. It'll be interesting in the light of latest email.

[that email is now Messsage 1 on the OshanaWords list]

[Student] I can only respond spontaneously and from a heart place. My head can't do it, and my memory can't remember enough to follow up ideas. That's just me.

[Oshana] And that is natural.

[Student] I am just enjoying being here. I think that those caps on my toes are there to protect and preserve while this is happening. An explosion in head and base!

[Student] Thank you and

Love Priya xxx

[Oshana] Love Oshana

That exchange was followed by this reply:

[Student] Hi Oshana

thank you for your reply, very lllllovely.

I'm ok about going public, but still shy. I don't really consider myself in the position of a 'teacher' as you are but I understand I have a different style to you and it may yet be very complementary. And I do know that I am awake to the truth, yet not fully 'enlightened' as you are. It's also taking time to get my words right.

I feel great things are coming but yes have no idea what they are. My day off is my day to see what is always there but I'm not fully looking at because of responsibilities. I would like to have more time to rest but I feel that I need very little these days - it doesn't take as much time to recover (from the giving of time and energy) as it used to, in fact the only thing that depletes me is when I am lying.

Look forward to seeing the e-mail about little ol' me.

Love [Student] xxx

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]