The Matrix: Oshana Reveals a Way Out. Absolute Freedom, Total Happiness and Permanent Bliss. Truth

{The One}
Wake up...The Matrix has you
{The Neb}


Lesson #1: The Matrix is all around you

Things are not what they seem


What do you see right now?



You don't see anything

Your brain has constructed an illusion

that has been influenced by

rays of light

that pass through two tiny pinholes,


made to make one picture when

the brain guesses

what is out there

In optical illusions and

SfX (special effects)

we find that the brain

gets it wrong

What if

you discovered that

it never gets it right?

That the whole world is an illusion

Holy Cow!

Somethings are sacred.

Are they?

Father Christmas is dead

The tooth fairy never returned

Ground Zero is an illusion

The external zero point has not arrived

Skyscrapers still stand

Money still circulates

Has anything changed?

Most everyone still eats white bread

to get energy to


to get money

to get white bread

Nose to the grind stone

to busy to see

what is The Matrix

that is everywhere

that is your mind

and his

and hers

and in everything created

by mind

You will

meet it in the street

in your home

at the shops

in the schools

at the dentist

the bank

the press

Do you do the lottery?

You have faith

that someone


would give



a piece of paper

with six printed zeros

that cost pennies

for which a bank will give you credit

the money was



Yesterday it

did not exists

The Matrix

can manufacture

things that

are not there

but your mind

can believe in illusions

easier than it can discover truth

Oshana has discovered the Truth