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Jesus - Zion City's Finest

"Eyes that see and ears that hear" ~ -Jesus of Zion City

The mythologised Jesus of Zion City was an ancient anti-systemite, who tried to stop bankers taking over the Temple and the Holy of Holies, a single veil that shields an ineffable nothing, so they said, that fried temple staff in a fit of anthropomorphic pique.

So what was this Nothing that fried people?

A mysterious source of energy that The Matrix just had to have. More power than your regular copper-headed battery cell or the Ark of the Covenant which evidently was a battery cell too.

Who is Jesus?

Scene 1: The Transfiguration. Night. Mount of Olives.

Jesus is seen talking to Elijah and Moses atop the Mount. They are dressed in white and are shining –.

It's night-time!

Scene 2: White Space.

Morpheus shows Neo a virtual simulation program version of the Matrix. Neo and Morpheus appear in a Bright White Space. They have new bodies and clothes.

Scene 3: A room in Jerusalem, Zero A.D.

A post-crucifixion Jesus appears to the 11 disciples. He is not immediately recognised. He has scars and a new body.

Scene 4: Forrest Gump.

Computational projection resurrects famous but previously dead celebrities for Forrest Gump. (The Prophets ran through the Galilean villages)

The brain is a massive computational image processor. It creates images that aren't there.