The Matrix: Oshana Reveals a Way Out. Absolute Freedom, Total Happiness and Permanent Bliss. Truth

{The One}
Wake up...The Matrix has you
{The Neb}


The Buddha

The Buddha was one mightily effective dude. But the training package in his name i.e., Buddhism is not waking people up. Buddhist are waiting for the One. Like the Morpheus's Neb Crew buddhist have some cool training packages, i.e. virtual reality artifical intelligence simulation programs teaching Jujitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Covert Operations etc.

Buddhism has morphed a lot over the last 2,600 years when it departed from Hinduism that got absorbed by The Matrix. Still some good stuff in there. But how many buddhist teachers are awake?

Do you think that Morpheus is everywhere? He may be able to hack into the airwaves but he has only one body. Most spiritual teachers aren't awake. they couldn't pass on a message accurately if it was stamped on their foreheads. Sad but it's true isn't it? They do their best. We all do our best but who wakes up?

Relatively few - so it says in the Bhagavad Gita. Not that we need books to see - we need to look - that's all.

I've found a modern day real-life Morpheus. I've seen things most people would never see or believe unless it was played by actors in a movie. Which is why The Matrix movie was made.

Desire? I am not a Buddhist. Not that sort anyway. There will always be desire. The point is to see through illusion. That means find out what do *you* really want and don't let The Matrix feed you the sludge of recycled Pod bodies.