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Oshana's Spiritual CV

by Oshana PR manager (satire)

Oshana had been seeking for 30 years before he discovered enlightenment.

Oshana started Hatha Yoga at the age of 5. At 9, he was reading about specific meditation techniques, such as dhyana, pranayama, and Raja Yoga. At 11, he spent his paper-round money to receive an initiation mantra. At 15, he travelled for four hours a night after school to attend an esoteric enlightenment group. At 17, he took time off from his studies to spend three months in an ashram. At 18, he tirelessly collected money for charity and did voluntary work.
At 19, he "manifested" a degree course in Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, the first of its kind. He then graduated, and went to work in I.T. (Systems Analysis). He continued practising tai chi, bagua-chang, aikido, qigong, dynamic meditation and kundalini yoga. He volunteered as a therapist specialising in Thai massage, shiatsu and ear acupuncture.

Oshana has met nearly every teacher. He first met Andrew Cohen in about 1990, Neelam in about 1996, Satyananda in 1997 and John de Ruiter in about 1998. He had sincere, heart-rending and humorous conversations with all of them, some of which have been taped and are fondly remembered by each teachers' followers.

Oshana became aware that he was Enlightened at 5am. on 19th June 2000. He had given up his search and doubted that enlightenment existed. He never wanted to be a teacher but could not see how he could keep this amazing discovery a secret.